Fed up of the pain in your legs, hips or bum?  

Does anybody actually care about helping you to find a solution to your problem?  

Are you worried about the effect all the medication has on the rest of your body?

Perhaps you fear a future filled with pain, maybe eventually becoming immobile, unable to work or even move about freely because of the pain.  

Don’t give up - there is another way!

It is time to walk away from feeling unsupported. 

Now you can move towards a common sense way to discover a pain-free body that is full of vitality.

And no meds!

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  • Medication-free ways to keep your muscles and your mind relaxed 
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  • The first steps on how to longer be a victim of the constant pain.  

This is what other people said:

Carole, 72:

"I came to Cathy due to an accident 2 years ago. I could hardly move and was in constant pain. I am now pain free with so much more strength in my body. It saved my life! HIghly recommended if you are in pain or have lower back problems."

Helen, 69:

"I can get out of bed without pain after this program. I know what to do to manage the pain, and to even make it go away. Standing is a lot easier since my posture has been corrected, and I can kneel to pray without worrying about getting up again. Thank you"

Jessica, 34:

"Incredible what yoga can do for the body and the mind. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy to anyone and look forward to working more with her"

Mark, 42:

"I am a painter and decorator. My back and hips were so sore that I was in danger of losing my job. With Cathy's help, I now have a daily routine that keeps me pain-free and able to continue working in my trade"

John, 56:

"i smashed my leg in an accident at work some years ago. I started suffering from severe sciatica because of it. It took a long time, but now I am generally pain-free, walking with ease and fully mobile. This is very effective: Thank you" 

Samantha, 32:

"I have hypermobility and the weakness in my hips and lower back caused terrible back pain. Working with Cathy, I was able to correct the bad posture causing the compression and bulging discs. I can now sit, stand, sleep and move freely. I still get spasms and pain, but now I know what to do to manage it without drugs."